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ZF260B automatic envelope is the seal machine

Product introduction:

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WF260 type automatic envelope (bag) machine similar equipment were reviewed and summarized the successful experience of development, further combining with the demand situation at home and abroad, and reference, on the basis of international advanced technology, pioneered in China after generation envelopes, paper processing equipment.

This machine is especially suitable for the production of Chinese traditional envelopes and multi-paper bag sealing or sealing sticker envelopes. Compared with existing models, the structure is more reasonable and efficient.

At the same time, it is easy to adjust and maintenance.

Main structural features: the paper can be compressed and repleated on the machine, so that the product is very accurate and smooth.

1. At the bottom of the suction paper pile, the paper is reliable and can not be stopped.

2. The palisade folding mechanism with the suction roller can achieve high speed and accurate completion of the two folding, and the width of the envelope (paper bag) can be adjusted without stop.

3. The rotary sizing mechanism can accommodate the adhesion of envelopes and paper bags, which can be used for cleaning operation.

4. Simple and reliable longitudinal folding mechanism can accurately complete the folding of two sealing tongues.

The counter may control the grouping, which is to group the processed goods by the number of units.

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