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What are the advantages of envelope kaifeng?

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What are the advantages of envelope kaifeng? Envelope of kaifeng machine product development is advancing with The Times, and through constant reform and innovation, product scope of application is very extensive, the products use a lot of industries, brought great convenience to human beings. Here is an introduction to related knowledge of the product:

The main purpose of the envelope opening machine

The envelope (kaifeng) machine is mainly used in envelopes, archives, and medicine bags. The equipment is cut and precise, so it can be sticky and stable. It can adjust the cutting tool of the equipment, and the tool can be transferred according to the size of the product, avoiding the repeated custom of cutting the cutting tool of traditional die cutting machine. Mainly used for processing Chinese large, medium envelope, file bag, medicine bag. It is a special equipment for producing Chinese envelopes. This machine has stable mechanical properties, high production efficiency and convenient adjustment, which is the ideal equipment for many envelope manufacturers to upgrade.